Three Dimensional Formula of Freedom

What does it really take to call yourself “Free”? whether individually or collectively. Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever wondered are you really a free man/woman/person/society?if so, on what level do you consider yourself to be free? How do you even measure such a fluid subject such as “Freedom”?

let me try to deconstruct freedom into three distinct dimensions:

  1. Physical Freedom.
  2. Mental Freedom.
  3. Spiritual Freedom.

Freedom equation

1. Physical Freedom:

Are you free to act or move in any way you want? people used to be sold as commodities not so far along in history. they were not allowed to do anything: walk, eat, drink, marry without the consent of their master/owner. In some countries, until this day, women and young girls are not allowed by the law to go to travel, go to school, or even drive without a male family member.
Ask yourself this: Can at any time you desire to take a week off from your job without having to explain to your boss or employer? can you travel anywhere you want? dress the way you like? or not even dress at all?

2. Mental Freedom:

Do your thoughts and emotions really come from within you? are you sure you are not conditioned by your family, society, religion or even your past experiences? Do your political views come from pure analysis of data and values with no influence whatsoever from the media, religious leaders or your neighbors.
Do you have the luxury to feel what ever you want to feel whenever you want to feel? Are your emotions controlled by the existence/non-existence of certain people or material possessions?

3. Spiritual Freedom:

Is your spirit/soul free from the limitations of your physical body or thoughts? Do you let any ideology, doctrine dogma or religious belief stand between you and your soul?
Are you oppressing or neglecting what you spirit is trying to tell you because it sounds irrational, unusual or even crazy.

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