What does “Free Software” actually mean?

It’s clear that in English the word “Free” can mean both Free of charge (meaning no price tag) and Free as in Free to do whatever you want. This linguistic conflict doesn’t exist in other languages.

Richard Stallman, founder of Free Software Foundation and Author of GNU General Public License puts it in a very simple way:

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Propellerhead’s Radical Piano : Now in Reason 10

Probably one of the most Famous Rack Extensions for Reason and also one of the earliest REs ever. Radical Piano Will now be shipped with Reason 10. The RE really stands out in terms of the physical modeling for Acoustic piano in the Market. I have already used Reason Piano Refill and still do but Radical Piano offers more Control and sound design possibilities. As a pianist, I really Love the feel and ease of use of Radical pianos and the control it gives you to craft the sound you want. Combine that with other Modulation and sound shaping tools that Reason offers and you can get something extremely unique and very far from being a piano at all. there’s where you can really go “Radical”.

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The 7 Hermetic Principles

Hermes Trismegistus, the Greek god believed to be the equivalent of the Egyptian God Thot, known as the author of the “Hermetica Corpus” and the “Emerald Tablets”. Both these texts, written in the 2nd and 3rd century AD are regarded as the foundation of Alchemy and Hermeticism and believed to carry the secret wisdom to the transmutation of the soul.

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